Carmela Ramirez


My work

Over the last forty years I have incorporated arts and culture as a base for creative entertainment, community engagement and building bridges of connectiveity


  • Performing Artist of Latin Jazz, Classic Jazz and R & B
  • Producer of various levels of special events, concerts, festivals and community projects
  • A friend and producer to all forms of Arts Education
  • A serious and dedicated community activist with a supporting voice for social justice

Early on Carmela built her career as a performing artist in theater and music. Throughout high school and college she sharpened her skills in theater, writing, music and public speaking and soon realized how all could be used to deliver her artistic endeavors as well as produce other emerging artists. As a young theater director, she learned how to oversee various aspects of live performance and work with a multitude of artists to deliver a common artistic message. As she toured with her musical bands, she learned the craft of artist management, sound production and how to work with all levels of house managers, producers, musicians, publicists, arrangers and gained a strong understanding of production from the ground up.

This knowledge and learning how to execute it, has plummeted Carmela into a sought-after performing artist and producer that is guaranteed to create excellent productions, concerts and creatively design platforms for communication , especially through the arts.